1. I feel as though everything was gone to hell inside of me.
    — Ernest Hemingway, from The Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway (via mirroir)

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  2. It hurts until it doesn’t. You think it’s going to break you, but it won’t. You may not sleep as well at night, but you will be fine. Numb, but numb and fine are the same.
    — Scandal (via thotbots)

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  3. I only write when I am falling in love or falling apart.
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  5. Forgive them even if they’re not sorry.
  6. My memory loves you… it asks about you all the time.
    — Jonathan Carroll (via quotethat)

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  7. Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.
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  9. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.
    — Anonymous (via taratillinfinity)

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  10. The hours between 12pm and 6am
    have a funny habit of making you feel
    like you’re either on top of the world,
    or under it.
    — Beau Taplin || the hours between.  (via psych-facts)

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